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The Justine Henin Academy offers a teaching of tennis using a simple, fun and individualised approach aimed at achieving each player’s sporting objectives. The Academy favours the relationship with the player and pays particular attention to the personal development of each player.


We favour a simple and pragmatic approach to tennis, whether it be for the tennis, physical and mental aspects or for the coaching of the player. 

Our aim is to deliver a simple and clear message to the players while being constantly attentive to them and open to any possible improvement.


An approach that takes into account the fact that the player is unique. 

The focus is first and foremost on the player’s project. This is why the development objectives and the course or training contents are proposed according to the real and physiological age of the player and his project.

We do not claim to hold the keys to success and take into account the specificities of each player to develop at best. On the other hand, we are convinced that one of the keys to success is the player’s state of mind.


Our approach is above all human and compassionate.

At the Justine Henin Academy, the link with the coach goes beyond the work on the field. The sports team will pay particular attention to the development of autonomy, empowerment through decision making, respect for self and others and emotional management.

It is important that the children are nurtured and that they grow as human beings.


For our team, the player, whatever his age and level, can only develop his abilities through pleasure, i.e. in a context of play, free choice and autonomy. Pleasure is not only an indispensable ingredient of learning but also its driving force, the element without which it is impossible to learn. Play motivates, enables more active concentration and builds self-confidence.  

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