Genèse d’un projet

The desire to share


Throughout her tennis career, Justine Henin has had to show extraordinary tenacity and self-sacrifice, whatever the obstacles she has encountered, in order to surpass herself and achieve her ultimate goal: to become world number one. Along with his natural talent, this mindset has marked his entire tennis career. To reach the top of the world rankings, she also had to surround herself with a professional and caring team. She has always tried to create the right environment for her to focus on herself and to excel, especially by protecting herself from outside influences.

Today, she wants to pass on these lessons to all tennis players through a project that is close to her heart and in which she is involved every day: the Justine Henin Academy.

To carry out her academy project, Justine Henin has surrounded herself with her long-time coach,Carlos Rodriguez, and an experienced team that shared her philosophy and values.

Our strengths

Many assets to help you excel

Justine and Carlos’ expertise on the court

A team trained and attentive to every player

A simple and individualised approach

Collaborative and transparent communication with parents

An easily accessible Academy located in the heart of Europe

A warm family structure

A flexible and integrated schooling option

The Academy

performant & adapted structure

The Justine Henin Academy makes every effort to ensure that the coaching offered is as appropriate as possible for each player.


complete and accessible environment

Located in the heart of Belgium, the Justine Henin Academy has 18 tennis courts: 6 indoor hard courts, 3 indoor clay courts, 9 outdoor clay courts.

We are also equipped with a fully restored fitness room, a physio room, a clubhouse, a restaurant, classrooms, a boarding school and seminar rooms.

The Justine Henin Academy has an infrastructure accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Strong values

Respect for values is fundamental for Justine. They have helped her to grow and develop as a player and as a woman.
Today, she continues sharing her values through her projects and meetings.






Team spirit

Why choose the
Justine Henin Academy ?


Human approach

The small size of the facility creates a family atmosphere where players feel at home


Experience and results

The experience and results obtained since the beginning of this project show that the programmes are optimised for players to successfully achieve their goals



We develop individual training plans so that each player can reach their full potential

A performant duo
at the service of players

Justine Henin


Carlos Rodiguez

Academy Director

« I also value team spirit. This is an indispensable value for the success of an ambitious project such as that of the Justine Henin Academy. »

Carlos Rodriguez

An experienced team
attentive to each player

Administrative team

Cindy Vincent

General Director

Alejandro Camacho

Manager High Performance Programs

Damien Evrard

Manager After School

Emilie Van Camp

Administrative Assistant


Carlos Rodiguez

Academy Director and tennis coach TA

Olivier Jeunhomme

Tennis Coach TA

Julien Martinquet

Tennis coach TA

Fabio Ferrara

Tennis Coach TA

Kevin Boumlil

Tennis coach TA

Yoann Le Mée

Tennis coach TA

Romain Deffet

Physical Trainer TA

Jérémy Mandelaire

Physical Trainer TA

Damien Evrard

Tennis Coach

Sen Indrojit

Tennis coach

Benjamin Bonnier

Tennis coach

Guillaume Dermiens

Tennis coach

Michaël Verhulst

Tennis coach

Vinciane Vincent

Tennis coach

Thierry Mugege

Tennis coach

Grégory Facq

Tennis coach

Michael Smith

Tennis Coach

Stavros Galanis

Tennis coach

Ethaniel Waterschoot

Tennis coach

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